Subjunctive: Wishes (1)

When we are talking about a situation that is not real, we use a special form of the verb known as the subjunctive. We use this form, for example, to express wishes.

real: Ich habe keinen eigenen Fahrradladen.

wish: Ich hätte gern einen eigenen Fahrradladen.

The past subjunctive of "haben" is conjugated as follows:

Nico with closed eyes and a thought bubble that shows the bike shop with the text "Nicos Fahrradladen"
null DW
1st person ich hätte
2nd person du hättest
3rd person er/sie/es/man hätte
1st person wir hätten
2nd person ihr hättet
3rd person sie hätten
Formal Sie hätten


Grammatical terms in German:

der Konjunktiv II: The subjunctive is a verb form that is used to express something that is not real but is a fantastical proposition. It is used, for example, to express a wish or a requirement that is unrealistic. It is also used to ask a favor of someone or to make a proposal in a polite manner.